Apr 7 2013

When people make gems from sound


So every once in a while i get a message from people, that they have used a sound that i’ve made, and uploaded to freesound.org. I’m always excited to see what comes out of the audio clips i upload, and every time i listen to a project, made from something i’ve shared, i know that it’s been worth my while to record, edit, upload and describe it.

The projects vary in genres. One makes music, an other one makes stories etc. etc., but every time, it strikes me just how much imagination can pull out of a sound. So this weekend i’ve received a couple of notices and i’d just like to share it with those who might be interested.

First one is for recreation purposes. An internet radio with nothing but calming field recordings on rain and thunder. If you as me, it’s a bright idea. In fact, i think this is something we all should listen to every now and then. It’s about taking our time to live, not just live, but to live in our own pace. And nothing dictates our own pace more than field recordings like this. Curious? Check out the site here http://radio.rain.cl/

The second notice this weekend is about stories, or more specific a horror story from Edgar Allen Poe. Don’t know him? You should, if you like a good creepy story. Yeah i know, you’re just too damn lazy to read those words your self, but lighten up. This guy over at youtube has made it easy for you. He read the whole story for you, but not only did he do that… he was good enough to put on a great deal of sound effects too, making the whole story even more spooky. Please check this out, when you’re in the mood. You won’t regret it!

Tapping into fear: \"The tell-tale heart\" by Edgar Allen Poe

Apr 1 2013

Those woodpeckers are sure hard to find


For a three days, this easter, i’ve been chasing the sound of a couple of woodpeckers in a small forest. I’ve heard them every morning and after rushing inside after my recorder, they’ve stopped pecking every time. I’ve been patient, waited, recorded, waited and so on. Low battery was the name of the game, and i’ve lost quite a few times.

I almost felt like some idiot on candid camera, being fooled every time, but today i succeeded and caught the damn bird “on tape”. I didn’t dare to go any closer than i was, so there’s a lot of other birds in the foreground, but the woodpecker is easily heard even though. HA! I’m patient after all.. or, my battery charger is.

So if you’d like to check it out, here you go:

Mar 17 2013

Hunting down the music


Every now and then we all stumble upon something that puts us in awe. That be music, paintings, field recordings etc. I’ve always been hunting music that really gets to me, and sometimes i’m in luck.. and blown away. This time i’ve come across a soundcloud profile that pretty much hits me as stunning, so i’ll spare you for too many words, and just let you get to the listening part..

Happy listening!

Feb 24 2013

Thinkers tinkers


Somehow i managed to get something recorded and mixed together for the 18th dare. It’s not much, it’s short and it’s dark, but it was what i ended up with. I really didn’t plan this, or should i say, i really didn’t follow the plan on this. For some reason i deviated from what i originally had in mind, and ended up with something completely different. In fact i was surprised on just how much a project can change.

Feb 14 2013


So the freesound.org dares are still at it. Recently i haven’t been able to take part, but hope it’s doable this time around. I kinda miss being part, and lately i’ve been too much away from fiddling with more than just field recordings. Not that i’m malcontent with the field recordings, and the fresh air it gives me, but still i like these dares and the fun they bring along.

So if you’re not already aware of these dares, join in on the fun. I think you might like it. Here’s a direct link to the opening post on freesound: Freesound.org dare 18

And a link to most of the results, on soundcloud if you feel like checking them out: soundcloud.com/groups/freesound-dares

Feb 9 2013

A walk on the beach, remember your recorder.


I went for a walk in Henne, one of the local beaches, and decided to record a little. There was almost no wind at all, but some waves still. After walking south with my dog, for about half an hour, i found a perfect spot right beside a lot of seagulls and their nestlings.

Slowly and quietly i placed my recorder, without scaring the birds away. And after walking away, i could see the birds running around the mic. This really amazed me, as i thought they would be more hesitant. Around two minutes (plus minus) into the recording, you can actually hear the small and quick steps all around the zoom h2.

The rest is all about those lovely waves, and hearing the big seagulls. Enjoy!

Jan 25 2013

Slow days and no recordings


Things are kind of slow, this time of year. Field recording almost goes to a halt, and mostly i blame the weather (it’s easier that way) and work. On the other side i have more time reading nice articles like this one http://thequietus.com/articles/11222-chris-watson-interview-sound-recording-cabaret-voltaire

(Thanks toiletrolltube from freesound :) )